What is a BPOU?

Have you heard people use this abbreviation?  Wonder what this is all about?  Learn more below.

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Basic Political Organizational Unit = BPOU

A BPOU is your local level organization where conservatives come together to support candidates and coordinate election related activities.  Also known as your local GOP or Republican Party.

There are a lot of opportunities to participate in BPOU activities and events. Every Republican is welcome to attend meetings, events, town halls, and discussion forums.  

The Carver County Republican Party Organization is composed of lots of volunteers

  • Executive Officers (Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary)
  • Executive Board (13 Vice Chair members who are elected based on their location in the county, and 2 at-large members).
  • Full Committee- 2 officers for every Precinct across Carver County (38 Precincts)
  • Delegates- County, Congressional District, State Delegates and State Central Delegates.
  • Special Subcommittees
  • Volunteers, Neighbors, and Friends
The Carver County Republican Party Constitution and Bylaws outline the structure and basic functions of the party.

CC GOP Constitution

CC GOP Bylaws

We work to keep an educated and engaged electorate.

Parades and Fairs

The BPOU supports candidate appearances and has fun together. Carver County Republicans walk in several parades around the county, host a booth at the County Fair every summer, and participates in a few other community engagements to interact with the public.

Community Forums

 The Carver County Republicans BPOU have sponsored a monthly Citizens Academy series to discuss issues important to Republicans.  These have included discussions on Economics, School Choice, Medical Freedom, Voting Processes, School Performance, and more. Find current events here to participate in.

Caucus and Conventions

The most important part of our political participation is holding our Caucus and Conventions where voters can gather and participate.  These efforts are how we form our organization from the ground up.  Learn more about Caucus here.

Teenage Republicans

The BPOU supports the youth in our community.  Teen Age Republicans have a great opportunity to serve their community and country while learning about the political process. As a TAR, you become aware of national and international issues and how current events impact your life. 

Elected officials

 The Carver County Republicans interact with and host our elected officials at meetings and community events.   We share information from our elected officials on our social media and in our newsletters.  You can find more information here on the elected Carver County Republicans.

Party and Community

The Carver County Republicans provide information and resources to the community.  We are a gathering point for like-minded individuals, but also make sure there's resources open to the communities within Carver County. We hold voter registration drives, door knock for candidates, make phone calls, and more.