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CURRENT SURVEY - Respond by DEC 1st.  

Delegate Survey:  We would love to understand what you think of the caucus and delegate process, what questions you have, what more you can do, and refine our information to make this a good experience. 
  • Are you frustrated with the state of things in Minnesota?
  • What was the top issue that comes to mind when you think about elections?
  • Will you be attending Caucus Tuesday, February 27, 2024?
  • Have you attended an event in Carver County in 2023?
  • Would you be willing to attend events?  Please select those that you would be interested in attending.

January 2023 survey of Caucus Attendees - 80 respondents, 38.75% were first time Caucus

Attendees.  100 % of these people voted in the general election.

74.36% Vote in Person

Following Caucus activities and related endorsing conventions, did you participate in any of the following political activities? (mark all that apply)