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Local Republican organizations like ours cannot be effective, or even survive, without strong volunteers. We'd like to give a huge "THANKS!" to all of you who volunteered this past year! 


  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Graphic design for party promotion or campaign literature
  • Website production / maintenance
  • Host or help with local cable programming and posting to YouTube


  • Assist with local parades and rallies
  • Data Entry / Database / Management
  • Mailings (envelope stuffing, labeling, etc)

Voter Outreach

  • Voter contact and identification
  • Communication and education
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Fundraising
  • Social Events (Chili&Chat, Picnics, Parades, Coffee Meets, etc)

Campaign Support

  • Walk my neighborhood/area with the candidate
  • Drive the candidate during block walking
  • Be a part of the lawn sign distribution team
  • Have a candidate lawn sign on my property
  • Host a fundraising/get-together (home/other) for the candidate
  • Drop candidate's literature in my area
  • Work on the candidate's campaign team

Or special skills you have (that you don't even know were needed!)